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SnoreRx Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT BUY SnoreRx Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work? Check Ingredients, Side Effects and More! Emily Butler

Snoring occurs because of the reduction of the air flow you breathe in due to the obstruction of a collapsed airway. SnoreRx is a device that moves the lower jaw forward and prevents the tongue from pushing back. This provides an open air passage. When the bottom of the lower jaw is advanced the tongue can't relax and slip back to the throat. This reduces the risk of blocking the airway. The airflow is improved, the vibration is stopped, while throat muscles are relaxed. These are the promises of the product's manufacturer but if they are true we'll find out further in this review. It's important to mention that SnoreRx is produced by a badly-known American company that has its own website. The latter is professionally made, however it makes an accent only on benefits of the product omitting any of its drawbacks. This is not honest in relation to the users, in my opinion.

Ingredients of SnoreRx - Does It Really Work? Is It a Scam?

SnoreRX is a mouth piece produced from copolymer, a quite durable material. The device uses the boil and bite method for the user to create the suitable size. As it was already mentioned, the device stops snoring by holding the lower jaw in a forward position. SnoreRX was created by an American neuroscientist, Jim Fallon, who founded the Apnea Science Corporation. This product was designed by him in cooperation with a group of engineers. Jim Fallon also reunited with a local manufacturer, a company that now produces another anti-snore product known as SnoreREX. The man claims that SnoreRX possesses the FDA-approval although I haven't found any prove on other sources.


SnoreRX has a calibrator for the user to adjust the positioning of his or her jaw. You are promised to feel comfortable inside your mouth, but, according to numerous users' reviews this is not so. The discomfort in many cases was so great that the users were not able to fall asleep until they took out the device on the mouth. SnoreRx is made of an advanced compound that makes it possible to be formed inside one's mouth. It is not a miraculous phenomenon. After molding the device, you will get a soft mouthpiece that won't change its shape or place all through the night.

I have read on the website that the manufacturer offers a 30 days guarantee even after the molding procedure. Unfortunately, some users claim that they didn't manage to return the product. The official website says that even people with Temporomandibular joint disorder can use SnoreRX. But practice shows that most of such users feel jaw pain which makes using the device impossible. In some cases the material from which the product is made can cause allergic reactions.

Customer Reviews - Does It Have Any Side Effects?

Some users find SnoreRX comfortable while sleeping but for some users wearing it becomes a nightmare. And there's no wonder, the product has a lot of disadvantages. For this reason, before making a decision to purchase this device for yourself or for your close people, take a look to the following complaints and try to analyze them.

Some users have reported experiencing drooling at night. It isn't pleasant, is it? As your mouth will be constrained all night you will obviously feel some discomfort or even pain in the morning. Your lower jaw may ache during the day as well. You won't be able to use this device if you already wear dentures or have caps on your teeth.

A few customers report of having received SnoreRX late at night. In fact, about 10 out of 100 clients received their purchase at night. There is a great number of complaints about soreness. I wanted to check how comfortable this product is and I did. Soreness accompanied me constantly, as well as great discomfort and inability to talk. Besides, I didn't like the way I looked with this device inside my mouth. The manufacturer claims that soreness fades within a couple of days but I didn't manage to wait till this moment.

To my mind, SnoreRX can't solve the problem of soreness completely because not all users are able to wait till the time when they feel really comfortable wearing the product.

"Was looking for a stop snoring mouthguard. I could tell right away SnoreRx this was not a stop snoring mouth guard as the lower jaw part did not extend forward. Want my money back, but how can you send back a product like this... obviously not hygenic"

"This is a very poor product. SnoreRx is a poor fit, not adjustable and certainly not capable doing what it's advertised to do. Yes I am qualified to evaluate it because I'm a retired dentist"

"I used it to stop snoring and the pointy things used to latch on to the braces overtime damaged my gums. I ont have braces. This mouthpiece does not conform to your teeth by the heating process like most guards do"

Where To Buy SnoreRx?

SnoreRX can be purchased from the official website at a rather high price. Some people feel it a bargain for their purse. One device sells for $99, while shipping is about $10, but remember that it is being shipped via FedEx, a reputable mail. Besides, the manufacturer charges $2.28 for a Medical Device Excise Tax. Totally, you are going to spend about $112. SnoreRX can be also purchased via such retailer websites as Walmart, Amazon, and GNC.

My Final Summary

SnoreRX is far from a perfect anti-snore device and it has its own disadvantages. Despite its ability to be adjusted, there can occur some soreness. The manufacturer says that it's normal because your mouth gets used to the product. Personally I don't think that human mouth can get used to having such a big thing inside which also changes the location of the lower jaw. SnoreRX cannot be used by denture wearers or people who have caps, crowns, or bridgework. You are expected to drool and it is inevitable. You may experience discomfort or pain in your lower jaw. The device is quite big and you will not look very attractive with it in your mouth area.

Among the advantages of SnoreRX I can name availability and being sold internationally but some countries have different shipping conditions. It's more affordable and can be replaced regularly. The product can be readjusted for optimal comfort. It has a built in calibrator and a posi-Lock for choosing a new setting. It is delivered directly to your house very quickly. But, I cannot recommend SnoreRX to usage as the contemporary market offers many other anti-snore products which prove to be more effective and comfortable.

Affordable Alternative

Many doctors consider that the problem can be well solved by another product known as AirSnore. I completely agree with them because I study many products of the kind! I recommend you reading my review about AirSnore. You'll be pleasantly surprised.

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