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Qunol CoQ10 Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT BUY Qunol CoQ10 Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work? Check Ingredients, Side Effects and More! Emily Butler

Qunol CoQ10 is manufactured by an American company and is said to support human heart and vascular health in general. The producers claim that this supplement also helps to regulate the level of blood pressure, is important for energy production and can be used by statin drug users. It is said to be a strong natural antioxidant. The company also produces a number of other similar products, namely Qunol Liquid, Qunol Mega - 120 Softgels, Qunol Mega - 60 Softgels, Qunol Ultra - 30 Softgels, Qunol Ultra - 120 Softgels, Qunol OmegaQ - Extra Strength, Qunol Ultra - 60 Softgels, and Qunol OmegaQ.

Qunol CoQ10 has its official website which is not very informative, though. It contains basic information on the work of the supplement, retailers from which it can be purchased and FAQ. But you won't be able to get acquainted with possible side effects and ingredients of the product.

Ingredients of Qunol CoQ10 - Does It Really Work? Is It a Scam?

Qunol CoQ10 contains a few active ingredients which, however, are not properly combined because they give low results. Besides, the ingredients of the product can be harmful and can even cause allergic reactions. The first one of them is Coenzyme Q-10 (CoQ-10). It's a vitamin substance that can be found in the liver, heart, pancreas and kidneys. It can be consumed with seafood and meats. At the same time it can be made in the laboratory conditions and used as medicine.

Qunol CoQ10

Today Q-10 is used for the treatment of heart and blood vessels, cancer, gum disease, diabetes, breast cancer, Parkinson's disease, chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), Huntington's disease, muscular dystrophy, and Lyme disease. Some people believe that coenzyme Q-10 is effective for hair loss and can increase energy levels. But these data haven't been approved by any clinical research. It is believed that this substance can protect cells against cellular damage from free radicals, especially when a patient is taking statin drugs.

Ubiquinone is another ingredient of the supplement which takes part in the production of energy in the human aerobic cellular system. This is important for the cardiovascular disease, age-related diseases, and mitochondrial dysfunction. Ubiquinone protects cells as it is a powerful lipid-soluble antioxidant. Sometimes it is effective in the treatment of chronic and genetic diseases. Ubiquinone has a positive effect on septic shock, inflammatory processes, cardiac arrest recovery, periodontal disease and stroke recovery.

Customer Reviews - Does It Have Any Side Effects?

The official website of Qunol CoQ10 doesn't mention the possibility of any side effects. So, I had to make my own research and I managed to find some information. Taking more than 100 mg of CoQ10 a day has led to mild insomnia in some users. The study has showed decreased levels of liver enzymes in patients who took doses of 300 mg per day quite long. There is no information about liver toxicity, though.

Other side effects of Qunol CoQ10 include nausea, rashes, upper abdominal pain, sensitivity to light, dizziness, irritability, heartburn, headache, and fatigue. The effects of CoQ10 supplements can be lowered by the medicines for high cholesterol (statins) and those that lower blood sugar. CoQ10 can decrease the body's answer to the blood thinner (anticoagulant) warfarin (Coumadin) and can lower insulin requirements in diabetics.

Qunol CoQ10 is not FDA approved and can be sold with limited or no research on its safety and effectiveness. Inform your doctor that you are going to use a dietary supplement or that you are going to combine a dietary supplement with your medical treatment. It is wrong to leave your conventional medical treatment and to use a dietary supplement only. It concerns pregnant or breast-feeding women.

"This brand contains the cheaper ubiquinone, as well as other questionable ingredients (polysorbate 80, etc)"

"the cheap ingredients in this caused me to have a rash. I'm not the only one either. There are a couple of others who posted the same thing. Don't let the low price suck you in. You get what you pay for"

"If you take a close look at the label, you will see they use synthetic vitamin E...and a lot of it...they also use polysorbate 80. It is of note that they have named their product, in what appears to me, to be intentionally misleading to consumers. They are charging the price for the expensive version while using the cheaper product"

Where To Buy Qunol CoQ10?

Qunol CoQ10 can be purchased on a great variety of retailers websites, including Walmart, Amazon, GNC for $50. 100mg of the product offers 60 servings. One recommended serving per day provides cells with Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10).

My Final Summary

I don't think that Qunol CoQ10 will take care of your health as it has many potential side effects and interactions with other supplements and medications. For this reason it is important to consult your doctor before using any dietary supplements. Usually this product is safe when taken by itself. But the safety of CoQ10 during pregnancy and breastfeeding is under question so it should be avoided in this period.

If you take any other medications do not use CoQ10 without consulting your health care provider. Discuss all advantages and disadvantages of using the product. Qunol CoQ10 is too sweet and has a strong orange flavor.

Among the benefits of Qunol CoQ10 are: its solubility in water and fat, support of heart and vascular health and antioxidant properties. CoQ10 helps to metabolize carbohydrates and fats and keep cell membrane flexible. The supplement helps to cope with some diseases, including cancer, it nourishes brain cells, reduces the degenerative effects of Parkinson's Disease. However, the product hasn't been FDA approved and hasn't been clinically studies. I can't recommend Qunol CoQ10 for usage as it has many side effects and interactions with other medications. In addition, the modern market offers a great variety of other products which can function much better without any adverse reactions.

Affordable Alternative

Many doctors consider that the problem can be well solved by another product known as Blood Pressure Optimizer. I completely agree with them because I study many products of the kind! I recommend you reading my review about Blood Pressure Optimizer. You'll be pleasantly surprised.

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