You Can Lower the Risk of High Cholesterol On Your Own!

Emily Butler

There are many risk factors of having high cholesterol but, thanks God, you can control some of them.

They are as follows:

  • Weight. It is a well-known fact that obesity is directly connected with high LDL levels. It also reduces HDL levels.
  • High blood pressure. This risk factor of high cholesterol can result in heart disease and in some cases heart attack. So, if you suffer from high blood pressure, try to do all you can to lower this index.
  • Food you consume. Nobody knows exactly how fatty foods a person eats can increase the level of cholesterol in his or her blood. However, medical workers are aware of the fact that high cholesterol can potentially lead to atherosclerosis, which consists in hardening or narrowing of human arteries. As a result, the risk of heart diseases and even of the heart attack is significantly increased. The fats leading to atherosclerosis are trans-fatty acids (or trans fats), saturated fats, cholesterol in egg yolks, cheese and meat.
  • No exercise. Absence of regular exercises is another risk factor of high cholesterol. Physical training is able to lower LDL levels, raise HDL levels, and even help you to get rid of extra weight.
  • Smoking. You have to know that smoking decreases HDL levels, which in its turn can lead to heart disease and atherosclerosis. It is recommended to give up smoking even if you need to apply smoking cessation medications for this.

As you can see, you can lower your risk of having high cholesterol levels on your own. You just need to eat healthy food, control your weight, have regular exercises and quit smoking if you have this harmful habit. However, there remain some factors you can't change. They are your age, family history, and gender.