How to Choose Low-Cholesterol Foods?

Emily Butler

Here are some tips that will assist you to choose healthy products.

Ask for gravies, condiments, sauces, butter, and salad dressing to be served on the side. Try to eat not much of these foods.

Order fat-free or low-fat salad dressing. If it's impossible, use a little vinegar or lemon juice instead.

Control the amount of food you eat. You can also ask for a carryout box and divide your meal before you start eating.

If you can order dishes on the menu that are marked as heart-healthy ones. If the menu doesn't have indications of this sort, ask your server to recommend you something low-fat. It would be nice to ask about substitutes cooked with less fat.

Think twice before choosing a salad. Many things are rich in cholesterol. Select fresh vegetables, such as cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce, carrots, green and red peppers. It's better to avoid cheese, croutons, and bacon bits. It's a nice idea to add a few nuts to your salad. They are useful and will add taste to your dish. Don't forget to choose a low-fat or fat-free dressing to your salad.