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Gentleman's Beard Club Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT BUY Gentleman's Beard Club Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work? Check Ingredients, Side Effects and More! Emily Butler

Gentleman's Beard Club is a special product which is designed to enhance the look of male facial hair. In simpler words, this is something that promises to thicken your beard and make you look a well-groomed gentleman. It is going to strengthen and nourish your hair with the use of natural ingredients, as well as to reduce the amount of gray hairs on your beard. Many of the product's ingredients are claimed to be tested and proven to work effectively with the natural oil as a major component of the product. However, before deciding whether this solution is perfect for your beard, it is necessary to take a look at its manufacturer.

Well, there is not so much information about the manufacturer of Gentleman's Beard Club. What is known, though, is that the company behind the product is called in the same manner - Gentleman's Beard Club. This supplement brand is not very reputable in the country, which means that it can hardly be trusted. It has been on the market for a while but it has a low-informative official website. It is only filled with numerous claims about its product. The company promises that it will improve the overall appeal of your beard and make it thicker. Let's see if these are really true promises by discussing the product's ingredients.

Ingredients of Gentleman's Beard Club - Does It Really Work? Is It a Scam?

The working process of Gentleman's Beard Club is rather comprehensive. The product contains just several different ingredients. Let's take a look at them. Vitamin A is used in order to prevent the overall clogging of your glands and to remove dandruff from the user's your beard. Unfortunately, the manufacturer of the product does not mention any ingredient amounts on the official website. It means that this component may not be effective enough. Another important ingredient in the solution is Biotin that is vital for the overall look of the male beard. It is said to be able to make it grow thick and glowing. Actually, Biotin is a form of vitamin B found in many foods and supplements. It is also known as Appearex, vitamin H, vitamin B7, biotine, biotina, and coenzyme R. It works by breaking down food into sugar that can be used by your body for energy. Biotin is beneficial for human skin and nails, as well as for your liver, eyes, and nervous system.

Gentleman's Beard Club

Biotin cannot be stored in the body, so you can become low on this vitamin if you don't get enough in your diet. Biotin deficiency occurs very seldom but it can develop when a person experiences rapid weight loss, has poor nutrition or during pregnancy. Symptoms of biotin deficiency include dry skin, hair loss, a scaly rash around the mouth or eyes, dry eyes, depression, and fatigue. Hair can especially benefit from Biotin; however, there is lack of evidence proving that supplements with this component can stimulate hair growth or stop hair loss. Using biotin hair products is unlikely to bring any significant results. There is some evidence that consumption of biotin supplements with other drugs may help decrease hair loss linked to childhood alopecia. There is a number of warnings and potential side effects associated with Biotin but they will be discussed further in this review. The last active ingredient in Gentleman's Beard Club is Vitamin E that is claimed to reduce any risk of hair graying on your beard. Most men find this not attractive. Other inactive ingredients in the product include Iodine, Selenium, Zinc, Manganese, Vitamin D, Calcium, and Thiamin. It is high time to take a look at potential side effects of the product.

Customer Reviews - Does It Have Any Side Effects?

Even though the manufacturer of Gentleman's Beard Club does not list any side effects associated with the use of the product, it does not mean that the product is safe to use for everyone. Biotin contained in the product is linked to some warnings. To avoid health dangers, tell your doctor if you smoke cigarettes, you are on dialysis, you eat more than two raw egg whites every day, you have been on a long-term course of antibiotics or you take drugs for seizures. Raw egg whites can interfere with absorption of biotin by your body. Eating more than two raw egg whites daily for a few months can lead to biotin deficiency. Even though Biotin is unlikely to cause side effects, you should carefully follow the manufacturer's directions provided on the product's label.

Gentleman's Beard Club has a number of customer reviews on third-party websites. There are positive opinion and a lot of negative opinions too. Which the product works out properly for some users, it appears to be completely ineffective for others. In some cases people report experiencing side effects and adverse reactions. According to the manufacturer, you are expected to see the first results within a few weeks of regular usage. There are many complaints that the company made a charge of customers' cards without their consent. Upon calling customer service you risk being responded by a very rude representative. The reps usually fail to explain to why they charge their potential clients. Getting a full refund may be very problematic. It seems to be a fraudulent company, but let's take a look at the actual users' reviews online.

"This business is a total scam and involves professional thieves and liars. They offer a "free trial" of Gentleman's Beard Club and claim that you will only need to pay for shipping. In a month, your credit card is charged $89.99, without even your consent. When you try to cancel your account, they tell you that you can't get your money back. To get a refund I contacted seven different customer service representatives, all of which lied to me and did not even help me to return the money. I had to file a complaint. At present, I am waiting for an answer"

"Gentlemans Beard Club is nothing more than another scam. I cannot give it even one star. At least, I have learned a lesson and I will never buy anything from a company like that. Their "free sample" is simply non-existent and their customer service in the most terrible I have ever faced. They charged me almost $200 and when I complained they cancelled my account but did not refund me my $179"

"Gentleman's BeardClub doesn't work for my beard. I have been taking the capsules for a few weeks but I haven't noticed anything good yet. I am going to use the supplement for two more weeks. If it doesn't show any improvement, I will not buy another bottle for sure. One day I noticed an allergic reaction on my face in the form or redness and rash. I think it occurred due to this supplement"

Where To Buy Gentleman's Beard Club?

You can buy the product from the official website of the company or from a number of retail stores available online - Walmart, GNC. For instance, Amazon sells one bottle of Gentleman's Beard Club (30 tablets) for $40. You can order two bottles for $60, while three bottles cost $80.

My Final Summary

Gentleman's Beard Club is associated with a number of disadvantages. This product has no FDA approval and its ingredients are not as powerful as desired. The supplement is natural but it still contains some chemicals as inactive ingredients. Based on many customer reviews, this product did not help a number of users to grow thicker beard or improve the quality of their facial hair. The product does not seem to be reliable. In addition, the company seems to lead a dishonest marketing policy. Many people think that it is a scam. To avoid any risks it is better to take a look at other haircare product available on the modern market. I am sure you will find something better. Gentlemen's Beard Club cannot be recommended to anyone.

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