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CholesLo Reviews

Emily Butler

The problem of high cholesterol levels can be caused by a number of factors one of which is your diet. Too much saturated fat can lead to this medical condition. Such an unhealthy fat can be found in animal foods, such as beef, veal, pork, milk, butter, eggs, and cheese. Foods that contain palm oil, coconut oil, or cocoa butter may also raise your cholesterol levels. Weight is another important factor, so it is important to lead a healthy way of life. Your low activity level can also increase the risk of having too much cholesterol in blood. It is a well-known fact that at the age of 20 your cholesterol levels start growing. In men, cholesterol levels are usually higher. Your overall health can also influence your cholesterol levels.

What Is CholesLo and How The Product Called CholesLo Can Help?

High cholesterol levels are often caused by obesity. Excessive weight may increase the level of triglycerides and decrease HDL, good cholesterol. Your activity level is another factor. Lack of exercise may increase bad cholesterol levels, and decrease good cholesterol levels. If you are not active, get up and start moving. Your family history may also influence the risk of high cholesterol. Cigarette smoking can significantly raise cholesterol.


There is a product known as Choleslo. Due to specific nutrients it contains you can slow down many "aging" processes in your body. This natural product will help you to stabilize your healthy cholesterol levels, improve HDL/LDL ratios, lower triglycerides, cleanse your liver and reduce homocysteine levels.

Ingredients of CholesLo. Does It Really Work? Is It a Scam?

The main and active ingredient of Choleslo is Sytrinol. It is a compound which is rarely used in cholesterol reduction formulas, probably, due to its high cost. In fact, Sytrinol is a patented formula created from natural palm fruit and citrus extracts. It is combined with palm tocotrienols, citrus polymethoxylated flavones, and some other properly mixed constituents. This mixture guarantees positive effect to support normal cholesterol levels in the body, including LDL cholesterol, total cholesterol, and triglyceride levels. The next task of Sytrinol is to maintain the normal levels of HDL (High Density Lipoproteins) which is good cholesterol. Sytrinol is a strong antioxidant with many advantages for heart health and for the reduction of the cellular irritation.


Another constituent of Choleslo is Co-Q10 or Ubiquitone. It is a natural enzyme present in cells of the human body. The main role of this enzyme is to protect the cell and to create energy within the skeletal muscles and heart. The heart has the greatest amount of CoQ10 among the other body tissues. If the level of CoQ10 is reduced, it can be harmful to the heart. CoQIO can even heal the heart. The highest production of the enzyme takes place in 20s and starts declining after 20s. This enzyme is contained in meats.

Policosanol is another ingredient of Choleslo. This element is taken from sugar cane and contains alcohol known as octacosanol. The latter can be found in waxy film. Its main goal is to normalize cholesterol levels what is done quite effectively. It does not cause any side effect like muscle atrophy or liver dysfunction. The ingredient is able to improve the protective HDL cholesterol and lower harmful LDL cholesterol. Besides, it has been scientifically tested and it is proven to be safe and efficient.


Garlic deodorized is another Choleslo ingredient. Garlic can perfectly inhibit LDL oxidation and protect the arterial lining from oxidation. Choleslo also contains artichoke leaf extract that works by reducing elevated cholesterol levels. It is often used to treat coronary heart disease and arteriosclerosis. This extract also prevents serum cholesterol levels from rising and atherosclerotic plaque from manifestation.

Red yeast rice extract is another ingredient of Choleslo. Its main function is to lower the cholesterol levels. Some other Choleslo ingredients include liver cleansing formula, phytosterols complex, and Homocysteine reducing formula. All of these ingredients are intend to lower cholesterol levels.

Customer Reviews - Does It Have Any Side Effects?

ColesLo is a completely natural and effective product, FDA approved. It has minimum side effects and offers a great number of benefits. Choleslo ingredients are thought out and well formulated. Besides, the product has had more than 67 years of clinical researchs. For this reason, this product is almost flawless. The chance of getting any side effects is almost equal to null.

These capsules offer wonderful results without negative effects on the human body. CholesLo is one of the safest ways to lower cholesterol levels. This product involves a five step process due to which the body does not suffer from any side effects. In fact, this supplement helps the body to get healed. This process is provided with natural nutrients.

However, no product can be completely perfect, and Choleslo is not an exception. It contains red yeast rice that produces a toxic by-product called "citrinin" during fermentation. This can harm the body and liver. Luckily, the amount of citrinin contained in Choleslo is very small that makes the product quite safe. The product has a great number of amazing reviews from satisfied customers. The majority of them are amazed at how fast and well the product functions.

Why Should You Choose It?

Even if you don't suffer from high cholesterol levels and their consequences, you should remember that there is a product that can easily and safely cope with this problem. High cholesterol can touch anyone who leads an unhealthy way of life, eats fatty food or suffers from extra weight.


CholesLo is a natural product that works where it is necessary without harm to other parts of the body. It has been clinically proven to decrease cholesterol levels from 11% to 54% in different patients without any change in exercise or diet. It is an over-the-counter (OTC) product available almost to anyone. It effectively improves HDL/LDL ratios because a normal cholesterol level is not always a sigh of good health. CholesLo contains the herbs that are able to detoxify the liver and this is very important for good metabolism.

How to Use CholesLo?

If you are starting to use CholesLo, begin with a low dose during the first 2-3 days to see how you react. Take 1 or 2 capsules at a time and then increase the dosage if you feel well. Higher doses will give you the real effect. It is recommended to take one to six pills per day. CholesLo can be taken with other cholesterol medications in combination such as Zocor, Lipitor, Crestor, and other "statin" medications. The first results are seen after the first 30-60 days of using CholesLo.

My Final Summary

CholesLo offers a great number of advantages. It is sold with a cash back offer if the user's cholesterol levels do not drop within thirty days. The product's website contains clinical trial information proving its effectiveness. The supplement does not have any documented side effects. CholesLo is not designed for a weight loss but you can lose some weight as a result of using it.

Where To Buy CholesLo?

If you have decided to solve the problem of high cholesterol levels I would advise you purchasing CholesLo only from the official website which will guarantee you the highest quality of the product. You cannot buy it via Amazon, GNC or Walmart.

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