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JuveTress is a line of at-home products that use a combination of polyphenol-rich natural extracts to improve hair shine, volume, length, strength, thickness, and usefulness. These products are said to be designed by doctor and can be used by everyone regardless of age or gender. Unfortunately, there is very little information about the manufacturer whose name is probably JuveTress... read more

Blue Star Ointment

Blue Star Ointment is a product that can be for the treatment of itching and pain associated with different skin ailments such as eczema, athlete's foot, winter itch, scalp and winter itch, insect bites and stings, cracked heels, ringworm, as well as razor bumps, jock it and dry cuticles. Blue Star Ointment has its official website which says that this is a "medicine chest in a jar." However, there is no exact information about the manufacturer but... read more

Blood Flow Optimizer

A great number of modern people suffer from poor blood flow. But what causes it? Human circulatory system is responsible for delivering oxygen and nutrients to all parts and cells of the body, due to which it is able to function normally. In fact, poor blood flow is a complex problem that is almost always connected with some other medical condition, such as blood clots, peripheral artery disease, varicose veins, obesity, diabetes, and more... read more


Kavinace is a brain-enhancing supplement, the amino acid compound that works by promoting the GABA levels, the chief inhibitory neurotransmitter. It is expected to provide a calming effect in the human body. The supplement is produced by NeuroScience, a company that specializes on the functioning of the human body, its nervous, immune, and the endocrine system... read more

Hair La Vie

The Hair La Vie is actually the company that offers a product line made to repair, hydrate, protect, and grow your hair in a natural way from the inside out. The manufacturer promises that their products will provide faster and fuller hair growth. The line contains four main products that should be used together for better results. Hair La Vie Hair Growth Vitamins feature a blend that improves hair fullness and growth... read more


The problem of high cholesterol levels can be caused by a number of factors one of which is your diet. Too much saturated fat can lead to this medical condition. Such an unhealthy fat can be found in animal foods, such as beef, veal, pork, milk, butter, eggs, and cheese. Foods that contain palm oil, coconut oil, or cocoa butter may also raise your cholesterol levels... read more


Omax3 is a product manufactured by company Prevention Pharmaceuticals located in New Jersey, USA. The manufacturer is badly known and this is the only product made by the company. There is an official website which is, however, not very informative... read more


This product is manufactured under the brand name Nature Made, which is owned by the company Pharmavite LLC. Their main area is the production of soy, vitamins, minerals and dietary supplements. They sell their products in the United States, Japan, Taiwan, Mexico, South Korea and Iran. It is a small company which owns only two brands: Nature Made (vitamins) and SOYJOY (snacks) more

Gentleman's Beard Club

Gentleman's Beard Club is a special product which is designed to enhance the look of male facial hair. In simpler words, this is something that promises to thicken your beard and make you look a well-groomed gentleman. It is going to strengthen and nourish your hair with the use of natural ingredients, as well as to reduce the amount of gray hairs on your beard. Many of the product's ingredients are claimed to be tested and proven to work effectively with... read more


Sleep is one of the mysteries in our life. If we get enough of restful sleep we feel well and comfortable. Lack of sleep can be very harmful to people and can even grow into insomnia. Sleep is important for us for many reasons: good mood, memory and learning, social behavior, immune system, nervous system, good health, and growth... read more

Neprinol AFD

Arthur Andrew Medical Neprinol AFD is a dietary supplement that has been presented to improve the user's blood circulation and strengthen the immunity. This health product has been manufactured and formulated by the company called Arthur Andrew Medical. It was established in the United States in 1999 under the name of Arizona Pharma group. When founded... read more

Qunol CoQ10

Qunol CoQ10 is manufactured by an American company and is said to support human heart and vascular health in general... read more

Cyruta Plus

Cyruta Plus is a dietary supplement that has been invented by the American company under the name Standard Process. The product's aim is to support capillary functions and integrity. The key task of Cyruta Plus is to enhance blood circulation and improve cellular glucose metabolism and peripheral circulation... read more


I have trouble sleeping and had high hopes for this product, instead I tossed and turned all night woke up from bad dreams and was seeing things that weren't there... read more


If you are tired from your partner's snoring the manufacturer of Theravent Advanced Nightly Snore Therapy claims that their product is able to remove this problem from your life. The product has an official website which is, however, not very informative. 79% of bed partners informed that the product quieted snoring of their partners... read more


Zyppah is a new device that promises to stop your snoring due to its Snoring Eliminator, a patented Tongue Elastic, according to the manufacturer. The device is said to address the root cause of snoring - your tongue. The company has its official website that is made in a beautiful day but lacks major information about the materials from which the product is made, restrictions to usage and possible side effects... read more


Caboki is a new solution for men and women with thinning hair. This hair loss product promises to eliminate thinning hair and bald spots almost instantly. It claims to contain 100% natural fibers that can thicken your hair shafts and boost your hair volume in a short period of time. But is it really worth the price it costs... read more


NoctuRest is a sleep aid in the liquid form that is made to help its consumers fall asleep faster. Due to its liquid form it is ingested and absorbed within 20 to 30 seconds, according to the manufacturer. Besides, the product is claimed to be absorbed by the human body at a higher percentage of ingredients than it would be in a capsule form. The product comes in a small bottle of 59 mL (equivalent to 48 servings) with a dropper... read more

One Two Lash

One Two Lash is a brand for new magnetic lashes which are claimed to be made from high-quality synthetic fibers and with the use of a patent micro-magnetic technology. The product is claimed to be a completely new invention that can provide its wearer with long beautiful eyelashes. These artificial lashes can be applied in seconds, with no need to use any glue, making a mess or an expensive appointment... read more

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